Working on second pass pages this weekend. What are second pass pages, you may ask? I wondered, too. I thought my last chance to make changes were first pass pages, which used to called proofs: the first typeset pages of your manuscript, the first time it actually looks like a book. Bound galleys are made from these pages, which come to you a few weeks after you’ve handed in your copyedited manuscript. It’s why galleys have typos and big type on the cover says “Uncorrected Proof.” (Note to debut authors: Grab as many of these as you can from the editor; there are never enough, I haven’t even one left.)

How relieved I was to discover there were “second chance” pages. Publishing houses vary, but at mine, second pass is your last chance to make changes. (Some houses offer third pass pages, but lucky for both of us, mine doesn’t.) My second pass pages are due tomorrow. Which is why on what may be the most beautiful day of our summer, I’m hunkered in my office, staring at pages, welcoming a break to post this.

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